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About HRCC Link

HRCC Link is a system of linked Digital Radio modes. Created to alow users of all Digital Modes communicate together as we move forward in Ham Radio.


HRCC Link was created to allow community members to communicate regardless of what DV mode they have a radio for. 

The core of HRCC Link is currently an URFD reflector, which provides HRCC Link's YSF Reflector, D-Star reflector and M17 Reflector. It also has a DMR master, although primarily we connect via Brandmeister for DMR access. 
To provide D-Star linking, we use two AMBE Thumbsticks on a Raspberry Pi 4 which transcode the D-Star signals.

In addition to the URFD Reflector, the link also has a WirtesX room, which is hosted on a windows computer, and is attached to the link using an RF bridge using an Openspot1. This RF bridge links the WiresX room's node radio (An FTM-100) to the YSF Reflector via RF. 
The primary System Admin is Ethan, KE7DUX

What is a URFD Reflector?
A Multi-protocol Gateway Reflector Server (URFD), like the one at the core of HRCC LINK, is a multi-protocol Digital Voice (DV) Server. The sources are published under GPL Licenses.
URFD is based on N7TAE's new-xlxd, which, in turn, is based on the first multi-protocol reflector, xlxd. URFD supports all protocols of it's predecessors, as well as both M17 protocols, voice-only and voice+data!  

A key part of this is the hybrid transcoder, tcd. 
Tom Early, N7TAE deserves credit for URFD, and a number of other projects. Tom's Github

Where can I find out more, or make my own URF Reflector?
Take a day or two and head over to N7TAE's Github and have some fun! URFD Github