Connect to HRCC Link

Below is a list of ways you can connect to HRCC Link.

Mode Network/Type ID/Name Dashboard Server QTH
DMRBrandmeister TalkgroupTG 31621
DMRURF621 DMR MasterTG 6 / TS 2LINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
YSFYSF Reflector01037 - US-HRCC-LINK
LINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
YSFWires-X Room61221LOLNOPEWindows BoxIdaho, USA
DStar XLX/XRF/DCS/REF/URF Reflector621ALINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
DStar Terminal Mode via host**UR: /URF621A**LINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
M17 M17 Reflector*M17-621*LINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
P25 P25 Reflector621LINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
NXDN NXDN Reflector621LINKURF621 ReflectorIdaho, USA
*M17 Users:
To fix "No TX" issues on M17-621: Add "M17 HRCC 17000" to your custom hosts list, and use that instead of choosing "M17-621" from the default hosts list.
**DStar Terminal Mode Users:
Use "" as the gateway/server, and use UR: /URF621A (NOT XLX) to connect.
If using cellular network, may need to use a VPN.
If using a home network, may need to port forward UDP40000 if UDP Hole Punch doesn't work.
If using a home network, may need to turn off DStar hotspots or disable UPNP as that can conflict with terminal mode.

But What About <insert mode here>?

Use DroidStar instead.

Echolink, Allstar, IRLP and other VOIP modes:
We do not have plans to implement these VOIP modes at this time. 
Please keep in mind these are not Digital Voice modes like DMR, D-Star and YSF, they are analog VOIP modes, like Skype. Because HRCC Link is focused on the linking of DV modes, we do not have plans to implement these modes at this time.

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